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Hey everyone!
I'm back in the OC tonight at 17th st. Bar and Grill in Tustin 7-10pm:)
Also playing brunch at Bayside Restaurant in Newport Sunday 11:30am-3:30pm:)
After that, will be slowing down quite a bit on the performing at least til Fall.  Gonna be spending time with the Munchkin and preparing the release of "Tales of the Aftermath".  Hoping to wrap things up in the studio this coming Friday and Sunday! woohoo! Been a long time coming and I thank you all so much for your patience as this has been quite a long journey.  So grateful for it all, even the struggle!
Peace, Love and Rock n Roll!

what's up! 

Some very exciting things happening!  First of all, I recently had the honor of recording acoustic guitar for the next Belinda Carlisle album.  Wonderful experience and awesome lady! I will also be accompanying Gabe Lopez on guitar at a few live shows in SoCal who is opening for Belinda.  Taking a little time to slow down this summer in preparation for the release of "Tales of The Aftermath"  We're just about done tracking and off to mix and master ...our projected date is Aug 30!:) Venue is TBD.
ALSO! I've been invited to play an acoustic set live on the air at Mix 100.5 , a radio station local to the Coachella Valley...you can also listen live at www.mix1005.fm 
Bright and early 8am on June 19th!!:) Grateful for these amazing opportunities!

Keep on keepin on! 

Well, folks, the little one will be joining the ranks of my country project Jasmine Fields:) She's got an incredible voice and we are very excited to have her aboard!:)

New Adventures! 

I have been invited to play on the next Belinda Carlisle record! Loving the music and working on the record has been a blast!

Feeling SO Grateful 

Some amazing things on the horizon and Sean and I are getting real close to finishing this record.  Even though it has taken quite awhile to finish this one, I can't help but feel like there was a reason for it.  When I began writing for "Tales", I wasn't exactly committed to all the songs, but now, I have a solid record of songs that I am very proud of and excited to share with you all. Thank you to everyone who has been so faithful to support this music!  Check out the teaser, another one is coming soon!


So we are about 70% there...the Universe has given me some life some to DEAL with, so bear with me...but in the meantime, I have prepared a little teaser for you just to your right:) check it out:)

back at it! 

After a little holiday break, Sean and I are at it in the studio again....almost 3 in the can!  May 1st!!! I am so excited to share this music with you!

been a great couple of weeks:) 

Its been a crazy couple of week, loving it though! The record is really starting to take shape, Sean and I have been working hard in the studio working things out.  April 2015 is projected date of release.  Then lots of touring on the record.  Love this part of the process, its like painting:) Can't wait to share it with you guys!
Peace and Love,

Keep on Keepin' on! 

I'm in full speed mode right now between shows and recording.  The next week and a half are a bit crazy but I'll take it any day being able to do what I love for a living.  So excited to share this new music with you! "Tales Of The Aftermath" is slated for release April 2015 followed by touring in support, let me know if you want me to come to your town and I'll make it happen.
Thanks to everyone for your support and love!
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